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I'm a fullstack-software engineer based in Paris at TheFork, a TripAdvisor Company. My passion is building quality software with exceptional user experiences, incorporating beautifully made software architectures and experiences into my work, and staying up-to-date with the latest tech news and trends in my free time.



TheFork / april 2022 - present

full stack software engineer

At The Fork, I contributed to key projects, including the redesign and development of the B2B statistics section, launching and maintaining a micro-service. These experiences allowed me to develop a deep understanding of modern software engineering practices and technologies.

elastic search
Infinity Crypto Trading Bot / april 2022 - april 2023

software engineer - founding team

I was a Software Engineer and co-founder of Infinity Crypto bot. I improved its web app by designing a better user interface, architecture, and optimizing queries to reduce load times. I collaborated with the team to make important decisions and developed technical documentation. This experience improved my skills in full-stack software engineering and leadership, allowing me to excel in fast-paced startup environments.

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Galadrim / july 2021 - march 2022

full stack lead developer

As a Lead Developer where I led a new application project and guided other developers to improve their technical and soft skills. I collaborated with the UI/UX team to conceptualize client projects and took on project management duties to deliver high-quality work on time. This experience enhanced my skills in leadership, technical mentorship, project management, and client communication.

Galadrim / october 2020 - july 2021

full stack software engineer

I have contributed to various projects, such as designing and developing a native iOS application for a social network with over 1 million users, using SwiftUI. I also created a dashboard for The Bradery, allowing partner brands to track their sales and manage orders while staying in sync with Google Analytics and Shopify. Furthermore, I used my expertise in MySQL, AWS Lambda, React, and React Native to improve and develop other projects.

react native
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